I Dreamt of Home

I dreamt of blacktop rivers that swept me away to destinations unknown
The currant driven by crowds that welcomed and ignored me all at once
To be a small fish in a sea as vast as the time that escaped me
Trading my sweat and tears for a voucher that bought me one more day
The minutes of which I would spend as I saw fit
— Not searching for a dollar to spend like the rest of them
But a moment of peace with the jutting rocks and sprawling greens
Of Central Park

I dreamt of home
Of the sole comfort I’ve ever known
Of the only arms that ever held me completely

I dreamt of book stores and tea rooms, coffee shops and Kwik Stops
The echoes and cries of Big City life as they ricochet from tower to tower
The lengths of which reach high into the sky
Grasping at stars which none of us can see
We know they’re there, and their hiding makes them no less beautiful
For we may diminish their glow with the lights of our own
But we do not shine so as to upstage them
We long only to create a dialogue, to let them know:

We are here.
We flood this surface with signs and lamposts
So you know you do not gift your light in vain
We are here.

We live and breathe, and we thrive and we dream
And want only to shine as brightly as you
So that you may hear back what you’ve always told us:
You are not alone in all that dark

I dreamt of home
Of my place amidst the light
Where I might luminesce myself

I dreamt of home
And am dreaming still


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